Jewelry packaging

When we started jewelry packaging, we understood that we would have to create a standard lineup of jewelry boxes. Standard models that would satisfy most jewelry manufacturers. This decision brought us a number of significant advantages compared to other packaging manufacturers.

Today we have bags and jewelry boxes for every taste and budget:


  • Hardcover greyboard box
  • Plastic box
  • MDF box
  • Pulp and recycled cardboard box
  • PBags of cardboard and paper…


  • Lid-bottom
  • With magnets
  • With ribbons
  • Slider, case
  • Foldable “pillow”, “pyramid”…


  • Full color printing
  • Tactile UV varnish
  • Foil stamping
  • Lamination and etc.

Our ready-made solutions, allow us to offer you a wide range of sets:



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