Branded key boxes

For the Auto-Plaza car dealership, we manufactured branded key boxes for cars of famous manufacturers.
Buying a new car is always an amazing experience, and buying a premium car is even more wonderful. Therefore, the keys to such a car should be presented in a memorable atmosphere. A small greyboard box made by MitraPack will help to create the appropriate atmosphere.
The boxes are made of 1.5 mm greyboard. The cover material is lightfast Immitlin Aida Nero design paper with protection against abrasion and fingerprints.
What makes the boxes especially fancy is that we decided not to use the standard lodgment. The keys are placed on white satin pads. They look quite solemn on the background of black design paper.
For Auto-Plaza, the branding was done by hot stamping with gold foil. In agreement with the customer, the logo on the branded cardboard boxes can be applied by silk-screen stamping or even blind inkless embossing. In this last case the image is not embossed, but pressed in.


  • 100х120х40 mm
  • Greyboard 1.5 mm
  • Immitlin Aida Nero design paper
  • Hot foil stamping (Silver Satin)
  • Laminating of inside surface with offset paper
  • Satin pad


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