Box for watches

A Ukrainian manufacturer decided to order from us a box for skeleton watches to export. We accomplished the task by creating this black and white box, which is both a watch case and just a nice thing.
The watch box is made of solid 2mm greyboard covered with Tintoretto Black design paper. Tintoretto Ceylon Black Pepper paper has a fabric texture resembling felt, which gives products made of it an impressive noble look as well as a pleasant tactile sensation.
This rectangular shaped gift box for watches can be used as a case as well as packaging for the gift thanks to its solidity. The black foam used for the lodgment suits very well the black lid, creating an impression of incomparable harmony.


  • 170х80х47 ьь
  • Greyboard 2 mm
  • Tintoretto Black design paper
  • Hot foil stamping (Gold)
  • Lodgment – black foam


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