Doll box

We present you a gift greyboard box for dolls, produced by the packing factory MitraPack.
Gift boxes are widely used in the packaging industry. Beautiful packaging is made for flowers, cosmetics, jewelry, food, sweets, alcohol and much more. Nowadays, these packages are essential so that products attract the attention of customers. To this purpose, such packages should look beautiful, bright and attractive. 
In particular, quality packaging is paramount when it comes to a target audience such as children. Boring-looking toys behind the shop-window fail to attract children. To make a child want to get a toy, it has to be in an attractive packaging. The children’s attention does not only depend on the toy itself, but also on the box that contains it.
The box is designed for a medium-sized doll. The box is made of a rather strong 1.5 mm greyboard. For the cover material this time we chose coated paper with full offset printing. Matte lamination improves the presentation of the product and makes it noticeably more durable. On the front of the doll box we put a plastic window for visibility.


  • 364х175х105 mm
  • Greyboard 1.5 mm
  • Cover material – coated paper
  • Full color offset printing
  • Matte lamination
  • Plastic window


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