Pillow box

The non-standard shape, which distinguishes the pillow box from the general range, can be explained by its origin. The design was invented for a famous chain of fast food restaurants and turned out to be so convenient that it began to be used for other goods than takeaway food.
Buyers like the style of a pillow box. You can buy anything in it from jewelry to souvenirs. Therefore, manufacturers, for whom it is important to find original packaging for their products, enjoy this packaging.
MitraPack’s pillow boxes are made of 250 g/m2 cellulose cardboard. This material is stiff, so the box holds its shape. The matte lamination improves the look of this box, additionally enhancing the stiffness.
The box is self-assembling, meaning that it is assembling without glue. The size of this box is 60x105x20 mm. This is an excellent package for jewelry if the emphasis should be put on the contents, rather than the packaging.
Pillow boxes with offset printed logos are a great solution to increase your brand awareness.


  • 60x105x20 mm
  • Cellulose cardboard 250g/m2.
  • Logo – offset printing
  • Matte lamination
  • Cutting
  • Box without glue, self-assembling


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