Laminated paper bags

Beautiful, eye-catching laminated paper bags produced by MitraPack can be used as gift packaging for all kinds of items of small size.
This product is quite dense and resistant to wear and tear, because the production of laminated bags is made of coated paper 170 g/m². The paper is laminated with glossy or matte film. The bottom and handles are reinforced with special cardboard inserts.
The handles of round cord 3-4 mm perfectly withstand the load for which this type of bag was made.
On the one hand, full-color offset printing on bags and glossy lamination make products bright, colorful, and images become accurate and detailed. The matte lamination film, on the other hand, gives the colors a subtle muted look.
In such a package, you can put a jewelry box, a case with a fountain pen, car keys, a gift card, money and many other nice things that you want to offer as a nice gift.
Branding is also possible. For holidays and events we produce bags with logos and corresponding inscriptions.


  • 125х65х150 mm
  • Coated paper 170 g/m2.
  • Full color offset printing
  • Matte lamination
  • Handles – round 3 mm cord
  • Cardboard inserted in the bottom


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