Jewelry boxes «AURUM»

Good packaging attracts customers, so gift boxes for jewelry are a great solution to increase sales.
This is a set of four wine-colored boxes we made especially for the AURUM jewelry company and, we hope, we managed to achieve the goals we set for ourselves: 

  • a gift box for jewelry should be solid and elegantочной и элегантной,
  • it should attract attention at the first glance and act as a beautiful backdrop, without distracting the customers from the product.

The base for the boxes is a 1.5 mm greyboard, and the cover material is a design paper with a deep wine hue.
The lodgment in the boxes is made of flocked cardboard. In the cubic boxes, the lodgment is made of flocked foam rubber. The branding is hot stamped with gold foil.
We provide jewelry boxes in bulk, either for a set of various products or for single items, the choice is always up to the customer.


  • 55х55х35 mm
  • 158x40x20 mm
  • 202x40x20 mm
  • Greyboard 1.5 mm
  • Design paper
  • Hot foil stamping (Gold)
  • Lodgment – flocked cardboard, flocked foam


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