Set of gift boxes «THE GOLDEN AGE»

On request from the Golden Age jewelry chain we made the following set: a set of gift boxes made for a set of silver or gold items with a folder for a gift certificate.
Due to the fact that it was a large batch, we chose coated paper for the cover, on which we did full offset printing. This allowed us to reduce the cost and improve the presentation of the products at the same time.
Gift jewelry boxes should look luxurious, so we used matte lamination, which gives the surface a fancy look making the packaging color deeper, with accents of sober luxury. At the same time, matte lamination increases the durability of cardboard products and also reduces their wear and tear.
The 1.5 mm greyboard gives the boxes sufficient strength while making them look thin and elegant.
If you produce goods sold as a set, we can make a set of chipboard boxes of any variety for your goods. It is also possible to make a separate set of boxes without reference for specific products. In this way the set itself can be used as a souvenir or a gift.


  • 55х55х35 mm
    65х65х38 mm
    145х50х20 mm
    130х30х10 mm
  • Greyboard 1.5 mm
  • Coated paper
  • Full color offset printing
  • Matte lamination


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