Mini paper bag with logo

Putting your company’s logo on a mini paper bag is a great solution to make your brand recognizable. Custom branded paper bags are suitable for souvenirs at corporate events or as an alternative to jewelry boxes.
Branded bags put the company logo directly into the hands of customers, in this way, at a relatively low cost, you can easily increase your brand awareness.
The bags are made of matte coated paper 250 g/m², thanks to which they are protected against moisture to a certain extent. 
The technologies of cutting and folder gluing were used, the logo was applied by offset printing. Thus, it was possible to achieve excellent quality packages at a fairly low cost.
Matte lamination gives the product additional rigidity and tear resistance, while improving its presentation qualities.
For large and medium-sized print runs, the mini bag is the most cost-effective solution to increase brand awareness thanks to its low cost and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


  • 60х35х90 mm
  • Matte coated paper 250 g/m².
  • Logo – offset printing
  • Matte lamination
  • Cutting and folder gluing


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