Jewelry box with magnets

Stylish and elegant jewelry boxes with magnets are a great choice for rings, earrings, pendants and other small jewelry.
The jewelry box is made of a thick greyboard of 1.5 mm. It is quite solid and can be used as a jewelry case as well as a gift box.
For the cover, we used an Ispira Saggezza design paper with a soft touch effect. This solution allows us to give the product a fancy look, while at the same time increasing its strength and durability.
The bottom is made of a design cardboard with a density of 270 g/m2. For the lodgment we chose foam rubber doubled with eco leather, so that the jewelry box can securely hold the treasures entrusted in it.
The lid of the box is fixed with magnets.
The logo and the inscription are made using the technology of hot stamping with white matte foil, which looks very effective on the black lid of the gift jewelry boxes. The color and texture of the material are chosen by the customer.
Offset printing is possible for large print runs.
You will not be able to buy this jewelry box because we made it on order of Chronicles, a Ukrainian manufacturer of beads made from Ukrainian amber, with a unique technology of micro-carving on the stone.
But we can always make you a jewelry box to order with your logo and your company colors.


  • 50х50х35 mm
  • Greyboard 1.5 mm
  • Cover – Ispira Saggezza design paper
  • Bottom – design cardboard 270gr/m2
  • Lid fixation with magnets
  • Hot foil stamping (White matte)
  • Lodgment – 20 mm foam padding, doubled with cream-colored eco leather with rustic embossing


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