Souvenir Box. Digital printing

Did the approaching holidays make you think it’s time to buy boxes for souvenirs? Even the best gifts need beautiful packaging!
So we created a series of boxes designed for relatively large items such as a notebook, purse, smartphone, gloves, etc.
The lid-bottom box is made of 1.5 mm greyboard, which gives the product sufficient rigidity, but at the same time allows it to retain its elegance and lightness, because souvenir gift packing should not look bulky.
For the cover material, we chose Efalin design paper, which is moisture-resistant and has a textured surface resembling linen.
The cover is printed using the digital offset printing method, which is considered the most advanced technology today. By combining the main advantages of digital and offset printing, digital offset is capable of producing high-quality images in small print runs.
If your company requires branded gift packing, the logo or corresponding inscription can be applied by embossing.


  • 215х170х60 mm
  • Greyboard 1.5 mm
  • Efalin design paper
  • Digital offset printing


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