How to sublime your product with premium packaging

As the saying goes «in the modern development of printing … surprising the customer is becoming more and more difficult». Our task is to amaze our customers every day!

The main means of transforming premium packaging into a bright and memorable masterpiece, along with high design and appropriate color solutions, is to refine the printed product.

Standard technology makes it hard to surprise someone: lacquering protective and high-gloss varnishes, glossy and matte lamination films, hot foil stamping or foiling, embossing or blind embossing.

All of this in itself has indeed become commonplace. However if your designer, before sculpting the next masterpiece, asks what technology your regular print partner has, the result is likely to surprise you.
For example, a combination of soft-touch lamination and a special structural varnish will create a velvet surface effect of water droplets quite surprising.
Relief stamping or blind embossing can be complemented by embossing with holographic foil. It is also possible to give the surface texture of “snakeskin”, ” linen” before that with the help of micro embossing.
Flocking, bronzing, glitter and hybrid varnish are technologies that are not used very often and will help you to surprise your client.

Gift and souvenir boxes, jewelry boxes, confectionery packaging, leather goods, all this packaging are in the luxury segment, that is why it is important to catch the clients’ attention and to surprise them.

With this publication we start the series of articles about different technologies of packaging refinement, which are used by the factory “MitraPack”.
We hope that by reading these articles, you will get information that will help you to achieve the desired outcome.