Rigid boxes


Lid-bottom boxes

Excellent option for ordering boxes in bulk!
This form factor is available in several types:

  • Lid and bottom box. Such a box is both sober and elegant
  • Two lids (at the bottom and at the top) and bottom box. This box usually looks more fancy than a box with one lid
  • Cubic box. The lid-bottom design is definitely a premium option.


Book lid boxes

Here the options are as follows:

  • With magnets
    Good option for a reusable box, and the magnets will noticeably add value to the product
  • With a ribbon
    Gives an attractive look and makes the box brighter; it’s the perfect gift box
  • With rubber band
    This option, like the design with magnets, is good for several uses, but is cheaper than a box with magnets.


Slider Boxes

A fairly popular design for a custom box where the standard bottom moves up the “sleeve”. Two options are possible here:

  • Tray with sleeve box
    A slider box that moves back and forth, similar to a matchbox
  • Drawer box
    A slider box that moves forward only, a ribbon is attached to the sliding side for ease of use


Rigid Boxes delivered flat

An excellent box for the premium segment with a distinctive feature that allows for convenient transport. This type of box is transported in a flat form.

  • with magnets
  • with ribbon


Slipcase box for books

Gift packaging for books which can provide protection for the books.

It is used for books, especially for the premium segment.


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    Rigid box production

    The main activity of the Mitrapack packaging factory is the production of rigid boxes. A rigid box (also known as a set-up box) is a fairly common type of packaging often associated with the premium packaging segment.

    Rigid boxes are usually 3 to 4 times thicker than conventional folding boxes and have a base made from greyboard or boxboard with a thickness of 1 to 4 mm.
    Before printing anything on the boxes, they are first wrapped in paper which can be from the simplest kraft or coated paper to a gorgeous and well-designed paper with textures and tinted in mass in various colors.

    The rigid box is solid and durable. This type of box is often dedicated to the premium segment such as high-quality shoes, electronics, board games, cosmetics, luxury brand goods, alcohol and much more. We can adapt the format and design of the box to match your needs. The manufacture of our packaging can be done either manually or with the help of special machines (or even a combination of both).

    We manufacture the boxes ourselves, we are not resellers

    How we make rigid boxes:

    • First we cut out the sheets of the greybord. These sheets can be gray (from recycled paper) or laminated with paper on one side with offset paper. Where the box bottom is located, the sides are cut into a part of the thickness of the cardboard to ensure that the box folds into volume. This operation is called grooving.
    • With our equipment, we can perform V-shaped cutting instead of grooving, which makes the edges of the box smooth and sharp.
    • Then we assemble the box into volume by sticking the corners of the box with adhesive tape.
    • We then take the pre-cut (cut out) paper with which we plan to wrap the box on top, apply glue and wrap a thick cardboard base with this paper.
    • The result is an excellent box of greyboard wrapped in a cover material of designer or in coated paper with printed offset and lamination.