Types of boxes

There are 3 common types of boxes:

Foldable boxes. Foldable boxes (also softly called cardboard boxes) are one of the most common types of boxes that you will overwhelmingly see in retail stores. They are boxes that look flat when shipped and are assembled into volume at the end of production. It can be done by hand or on specialized filling lines when products are packed in them.

Rigid Boxes. Rigid boxes (also called set-up boxes) are stronger, with a thick greyboard base, and do not fold or collapse the way folding boxes do.

Corrugated boxes. Packaging made of multilayer cardboard, where a corrugated layer of cardboard, the so-called wave (fluting), is glued between the smooth layers (topliners), which provides rigidity. Such cardboard can contain from 2 to 7 layers. The attractiveness of this type of packaging is provided by the upper topliner, which is sealed by various technologies. It can be laminated, coated with various varnishes, we can also use hot stamping and other types of finishing.